The client.

Team RWB's mission is to enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. With Team RWB, veterans are better able to create quality relationships and participate in experiences that contribute to life satisfaction and overall well-being.

The opportunity.

Team RWB needed an inspirational program for military veterans to better assimilate into modern society. While many vets were able to achieve great success in the military, they lacked the soft skills necessary for every day interactions. Team RWB wanted to help vets overcome this barrier by creating an empowering social community with leadership as a central component.

The outcome.

Team RWB engaged Mabbly to translate their mission digitally. We developed a scalable digital platform that would enable the personal and professional growth of military veterans, and would also serve as a social community offering trust and support. The platform's main three goals were to inspire, connect, and educate. It included a classroom and learning materials, as well as a discussion forum that encouraged users to interact and share their goals, learnings, and achievements.

Successful implementation.

The platform was met with overwhelming success. Now nearing its second year, it has over 1200 users and counting.

A digital community.

Think of the platform as a social network for military veterans, but with an educational component. It brings together veterans from across the nation, and encourages them to lead, learn, and inspire one another. It also enables them to feel part of a true community, similar what they felt while serving.