The client.

Based in Chicago, SPR is a digital technology consultancy that develops elegant solutions to improve the way people do business. Their capabilities cover everything from IoT, cloud, and custom development to data & analytics, UI/UX design, testing, and beyond.

The opportunity.

With nearly 45 years under their belt, SPR was well-established and well-esteemed as a tech firm. However, they also found themselves at a critical juncture as new design-forward agencies began to play in their market. To compete, they would need to evolve, and, in turn, capitalize on the opportunity to lead in the digital transformation space, as well as attract new talent.

The outcome.

SPR approached Mabbly to help lead their brand evolution, which included go-to-market and data-driven creative strategy, a new logo and brand identity, internal culture transformation, and website design and development.

Aligning strategy with creative vision.

To capture the brand and culture transformation that was happening internally, we took a progressive approach to portraying the SPR brand visually and defining its voice and tone. This required complete overhaul. After about 200 different logo explores, we landed on a logo that captured the brand’s essence: straightforward, future-thinking, and “beyond the build." We then built a new site from scratch, giving it a complete facelift with the new branding, simplifying the messaging, and streamlining the user experience.

"Mabbly has given us the confidence to articulate what we do and more importantly why we do it. Their fresh approach and crisp go-to-market language support an expansive strategic initiative that will fortify our company culture and strengthen our customer relationships."

-Rebecca Butman, CMO

The work doesn’t stop there.

SPR’s new brand has been very well-received internally. The engagement with Mabbly continues today, as we work toward enhancing the website with additional content, and building out an ongoing digital strategy.

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decrease in bounce rate
obtained organic keyword positions